ESUS brings high-quality USA manufacturers together with the right distributors from around the world, helping each achieve greater sales and higher profits.


Esus serves as an Export Management Company (EMC) for US Manufacturers. We have also been referred to as a Market Expansion Company (MEC) because of our ability to help US manufacturers increase sales and profits by expanding their market reach, and help distributors increase their product offerings, thus expanding their ability to increase sales and profits to a larger customer base.

For manufacturers, we function as a specialized export intermediary, saving the manufacturer the expense of establishing and maintaining an export department, while providing the company with access to foreign markets. This is especially important in tight economic times when sales in the local market have shrunk or disappeared.

For distributors, we serve as a business development department, saving the distributor time and money by finding just the right products from US manufacturers to meet their local customers’ needs. We have access to nearly all manufacturers in the US that have limited business through exports or do not currently have an affiliate company in the distributor’s market.

Since 1999 The Esus Group has provided export services to hundreds of businesses throughout the world.  Esus is continually building a network of US manufacturers and service providers to be better able to serve distributors around the world.  Esus Management, throughout its career, has been responsible for thousands of international transactions resulting in nearly $US 2.0 billion in export sales.


WHo should consider using ESUS export management?

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Pennsylvania Manufacturing Company

ESUS Export Management helped us increase our sales and profits by taking on a part of our business that had always been a problem for us; exporting to countries where we did not speak the language. ESUS took care of the entire export process while eliminating the concerns we had always had about getting paid. And all we have to do is what we do for any customer here in the US. On top of that, we didn’t have to add any headcount to reach these new customers from around the world.

Consumer Care Products Company

We want to thank the people at ESUS Export Management for helping our company grow, even in this tough economy, by showing us how to expand our sales into the international marketplace. We have struggled trying to increase sales here in our normal marketing area and had looked at trying to sell outside the Country for years. But, we had not been successful until ESUS stepped in and took over that part of the sales and distribution. They have helped us expand our horizons and we expect to make sales into foreign markets a major part of our business in the future.